SAGA Restaurant, The Final Puff Episode

The Final Puff

EP7: SAGA Restaurant 

Behind the Scenes: SAGA Restaurant

Have you ever tried to explain chocolate to someone that has never experienced chocolate?

No? Me either…

…but I expect that is what it is like trying to explain SAGA to someone that has never been there. You just need to try it.

First off, I never realized how hard it must be to do a food show. Spend several hours in the restaurant and kitchen…stare at the food going by you…all the while trying and keep the focus on the people you are interviewing.

Luckily for me, the sit-down portion of the interview was in a small, private dining room. There I could focus all my attention on Isis and Augusto without my eyes wandering to a Tuna Tartar or sizzling Tomahawk Ribeye passing by.

If you are a cigar smoker, SAGA is a must. If you are not a cigar smoker…it is still a must. 

I will let the interview do the talking but leave you with this…

SAGA was built as an experience, and it never disappoints. The sight, the sounds, the energy, and of course, the food.

SAGA Restaurant, The Final Puff Episode 7