Manolo and Raquel Quesada, The Final Puff Episode

The Final Puff

EP2: Manuel & Raquel Quesada

Behind The Scenes: Manuel and Raquel Quesada

How do I say this without sounding like I’m putting other cigar ‘families’ down a notch? Because I certainly don’t mean to…but I do think you should have some perspective.

The Quesada family may be the most down-to-earth cigar makers on the planet.

Ok, let’s be fair for a second.

I don’t know ALL the cigar families, but if I did, I’m not sure my opinion of Manolo (Manuel) Quesada and his family would be any different.

When I lined up all the interviews for The Final Puff, Quesada was one of the first.

Not because I knew them best. Not because it was going to be indoors. Not because it was closest to my hotel.

No, I did this interview early in the filming season because I didn’t have a clue how I was going to do these interviews and I knew this would be one of the easiest.

Manolo can talk to anyone. His daughter, Raquel, can equally hold her own.

I have seen Manolo at various events around the nation – which certainly attract a variety of regional idiosyncrasies – and Manolo fits right in with everyone.

He arrives at the event early, eyes a broom in the corner, and begins cleaning up and getting ready for the event.

To say he was humble would be an understatement – and the next generation has taken those lessons to heart.

Peel back that genuinely friendly demeanor and you will also find someone that needs everything to be in order. Someone that can be very firm in his opinions but not so much that he can’t look within himself when challenged.

There may not be someone so in touch with cigar-making history and simultaneous understanding that future generations will take cigars to another level (or at least someplace different).

Over the years, I have spent countless hours with the Quesada family. The stories, the laughs, and, of course, the cigars.

I hope the interview gives you some sense of how enjoyable those moments are and why I chose them to be one of the early episodes in The Final Puff.

Manolo and Raquel Quesada, The Final Puff