Henke and Klaas Kelner, The Final Puff

The Final Puff

EP 6: Henke and Klaas Kelner

Behind the Scenes: Henke and Klaas Kelner

Episode six is a legend. Henke Kelner needs almost no introduction, and he is joined by his son, Klaas Kelner, who is also quickly making a name for himself.

When Henke Kelner says he wants to shoot the entire interview in one of his tobacco fields, you find a way to make it work!

The only challenge when you talk to Henke is that he tends to think a million miles an hour – simultaneously working on problems and opportunities in his head. So you better keep up.

If there is someone that could walk into a room with some extra swagger, it is Henke. But that is NOT him at all. Henke is about as warm and genuine of a tobacco personality as they come.

Henke doesn’t like to called a ‘master blender’ and the reasons why, just may surprise you.

The sixth episode of The Final Puff – a rare sit-down chat with Henke and Klaas Kelner – is a deep dive into the past, present, and future.

Henke and Klass Kelner, The Final Puff Episode Image