The Final Puff

EP 1: Carlito Fuente Jr.

Behind The Scenes: Carlito Fuente Jr.

Of all the interviews I did I was most nervous about the one with Carlito Fuente.

Of everyone I sat down with, Carlito was the one I had spent the least time with. I knew every other person very well. Lots and lots of hours with each of them.

My time with Carlito was limited.

So when I invited him to the show I was pretty sure he would not have a clue who I was. I mean let’s be realistic. When I had a cigar company it wasn’t that big. I wasn’t cigar media, a reviewer, or even an Instagram personality.

I asked Jose Blanco to reach out on my behalf. Jose is a good friend and I had known him a long time. I thought (or hoped) he could at least vouch for me. When Jose and I spoke we both knew it was kind of a long shot. Not because I might not be the right person, no, more so that Carlito doesn’t do a lot of interviews like this…and he is crazy busy.

It turned out, for whatever reason, Carlito actually knew who I was and agreed to sit down with me.

Oh crap. Now what?

I went online to see interviews Carlito did on camera. Well, there were very few. On the few recordings I did see with Carlito I noticed one thing…

…he is always thinking.

Even in the interview you can see his wheels turning…he is a dreamer. Consequently, I felt that would mean he would not be 100% present in the interview…and I prepared for that.

I was 1,000% wrong.

My time sitting with Carlito was amazing. Although there were nine people outside the camera view watching, whispering, etc…it all disappeared. Carlito was on point, in the moment and held the floor. I really believe this interview will show a lot of people what kind of man Carlito is.

Maybe you already knew him, maybe this your first real look at him. In either case you will walk away with a newfound wonder of that man that is Carlito Fuente.

Carlito Fuento Jr. Interview, The Final Puff