Procigar Auction for a Cause

This auction, as part of our Social Responsibility Program, will benefit the Voluntariado Jesús con los Niños, the Sociedad San Vicente de Paul and the charitable initiative “A Home for my Family”, among other Non-Profit Organizations that are oriented to improve the quality of life of people in need.

The Voluntariado Jesús con los Niños is a non-profit organization founded on January 27th, 2997 by a group of women in the city of Santiago with the purpose of uniting efforts to help the Dr. Arturo Grullon Children’s Hospital. This team of women find great importance in sharing directly in the hospital with the children and families as a way of alleviating the burden by having a message of love that brings them together. This organization offers aid programs such as: Children’s Burn Unit, Children’s Oncology Unit, Nutrition Aid and Protein Bank Program, and Foreign Institution Exchange Program.

Charitable Iniciative by Procigar

Help give back to those whose labor brings us all together and allows us to celebrate behind them which we love so dearly.

Our new initiative, A Home for My Family, aims to help our most disadvantaged yet deserving artisans and laborers by providing stability and a sense of well-being in the best way possible, by building them a home. Winners will be selected through a criteria based on merit, need, and years worked at their respective factories and, with the help of people like you, we will provide them with the invaluable security of a sturdy new home for them and their families.

2023 Procigar Auction Guide

Lot 1: The Rose That Grew From Tobacco
by Fabian Barrantes

In the midst of a tobacco field, there grew a solitary rose unlike any other, with petals of unrivaled beauty.
• Canvas Painting 36”x48”
• Acrylic, metallic ink, 24K Gold Paint and Tobacco Leaves

Starting Bid: US $1,500

Lot 2: Dominican Heritage Humidor
by Quesada Cigars

A very special top glass humidor made of fine oak with two different and unique pen & ink drawings made by Dominican
artist Pragmy Marichal. For this special occasion 112 cigars for The “Dominican Heritage Humidor” were hand-picked by Manolo Quesada.

• 32 Limited Edition Manolo Quesada 75th Anniversary
• 20 Casa Magna Connecticut Toro
• 20 Quesada Reserva Privada Barber Pole Toro
• 20 Casa Magna Liga F Toro
• 20 Quesada 1974 Toro

Starting Bid: US $1,800

Lot 3: Humidor Supreme
by PDR Cigars

This glass top Coffee Table Humidor is made with a Cabinet style design and from solid Mahogany wood with an interior lining of Spanish Cedar.

It comes with 100 El Vinyet Cuvee Special Churchill cigars personally rolled by Abe Flores and his Galera Master.

Starting Bid: US $2,500

Lot 4: Masterpiece Humidor Year of the Rabbit
by Davidoff Cigars

The Year of the Rabbit is the epitome of elegance. The Rabbit’s likeable character traits are reflected in the humidor’s design details. The Year of the Rabbit icon is the main design feature of the piece and majestically displays one of the highest forms of craftsmanship: marquetry.

The eye-catching artwork is a combination of wood, tobacco leaves and golden leaves. The latter harmonize with the gold-plated handle of the humidor. A subtly engraved pattern on the humidor’s exterior imitates a rabbit’s gentle and steady hops. The overall sturdy structure and the calm, symmetric design of the elegant humidor reflect the Rabbit’s pleasant and quiet personality perfectly.

Limited to 25 pieces worldwide, each humidor is numbered and accompanied by 88 Davidoff Year of the Rabbit gran toro cigars. Thanks to its gran toro format, the taste journey is a bit smoother and the flavours slightly more elegant. This cigar will delight every connoisseur and collector around the world.

Equipped with four Davidoff regulators and a removable tray beautifully engraved with the Rabbit icon.

Starting Bid: US $8,000

Lot 5: Art de Fumar Humidor and Ashtray
by Robert Glick

Procigar Festival-inspired custom crafted humidor and crystal ashtray designed by Artdefumar. Add luxury to your smoking experience with these unique handcrafted collectible pieces of functional art. These designs bespeak of the Procigar member’s commitment to connect together and proudly stand side by side to produce the world’s best cigars.

110 special cigars, personally selected by every Procigar Members complete this astonishing artwork.

Starting Bid: US $3,800

Lot 6: Montecristo Collector Series Humidor
by Tabacalera De Garcia

A must-have limited edition humidor featuring a selection of best-selling Montecristo cigars for the true cigar collector. With only 100 of these signature black Montecristo Collector Series Humidors produced – the craftmanship, outstanding flavors, and years of tradition that the brand provides is showcased with this limited release.

All cigars featured in this elegant humidor are produced in the Dominican Republic at the illustrious Tabacalera DeGarcía factory in La Romana. Offering a variety of popular vitolas to choose from, the humidor includes a total of 200 cigars.

Each cigar has a customized cedar compartment within the humidor adding a personal touch for the avid Montecristo premium cigar connoisseur looking to store their treasured collection.

Starting Bid: US $5,000

Lot 7: The Galera Humidor
by Tobacalera Palma

The Galera Cigars Humidor is a masterpiece designed exclusively for the 2023 Procigar auction.

This humidor has a storage capacity of 85 Cigars, made with the most precious Spanish cedar, completely handmade to achieve a high-quality finish, designed with a premium humidification system to keep each of the cigars in the best quality.

This humidor comes with all the lines of La Galera, including the 85th anniversary, so the highest bidder will win a humidor loaded with our most precious jewels.

Starting Bid: US $3,500

Lot 8: 4 Night Stay, Gold and Spa at Amanera
in Playa Grande, Dominican Republic

Backed by jungle, fronted by a sweep of Atlantic Ocean, Amanera enjoys a panoramic clifftop perch on the Dominican Republic’s pristine north coast beaches.

Set above the celebrated golden sands of Playa Grande, the resort offers unparalleled access to water sports and back-to-nature experiences, infused with the spice and flavour of Dominican life.

• 4 nights relaxing and Golf getaway in 2 of Amanera’s stunning
Pool Casitas
• Accommodations for 4 including daily breakfast.
• 4 sixty-minute Amanera Massages
• 1 round of golf at the Exclusively Private Playa Grande Golf Course
• One private dinner event during the stay
• Dedicated Host

Starting Bid: US $10,000

Lot 9: Humidor Inch
by Tabacalera La Alianza – E.P. Carrillo

This humidor brings together a collection of 160 cigars whose ring gauge and sizes led us to a perfect smoke for different occasions and times of the day.

The perfection in its blends developed by the Master Blender, Mr. Ernesto Pérez Carrillo, and the use of natural and maduro wrappers, offers to the cigar connoisseurs unique sensations in a wide spectrum of aromas and taste complexities, typical of the Dominican cigar.

These cigars have been made following the most demanding standards and guidelines of the Dominican cigar industry and under the supervision of who is also considered the pioneer in the introduction of large ring gauge (60+) what makes these cigars, from the organoleptic point of view, unique.

Starting Bid: US $5,000

Lot 10: Ella
by Fanny Lora

SHE is reborn as a flower every spring; life, color, flavor, fragrance, and texture are born from her. SHE walks and dances among the fields, like a butterfly showing off its beauty in front of the sun. Flirty, feminine, passionate, “ELLA”.

“In this masterpiece, artist Fanny Lora, always connected with nature, pays a tribute to women dedicated to the hard and delicate tobacco process. By using wood, she simultaneously expresses the duality of its hardness and delicateness that are present at the fields and the factories.

Samán, Oak and mahogany alternate, achieving a refine polychrome contrast for the different aromatic stages of the leaf with the shape of the feminine torso and its base.

For a final touch, a strong beating heart in clay (rakú) emulating those of our women field and factory workers who not only give us their strength, also their soul.” – Jaime A. Sued

Starting Bid: US $2,500

Lot 11: Tonight, Tonight
by La Flow Dominicana

A never before experienced 44×7 version of our La Nox blend that has been tweaked for more power and flavor.

100 cigars are encased in an original illuminating humidor that we have both designed and manufactured, it is an absolutely beautiful sight to behold.

Starting Bid: US $15,000

Lot 12: Descubriendeo el Tabaco
by De Los Reyes Cigars

With this creation De Los Reyes Cigars wanted to pay homage to the Odyssey that was the most important discovery in the Americas: El Tabaco.

This sculptural humidor is created by master crafter René León out of solid mahogany.

It holds 150 carefully selected cigars from our tobacco artists.

Starting Bid: US $5,000

Lot 13: Benji Menendez Commemorative Humidro
by General Cigar Dominicana

The cigar industry has grown greatly thanks to certain men and women whose leadership, passion and willingness has helped others grow and develop by sharing their vast knowledge. Together, they form the base of a great legacy that has turned the Dominican cigar into the best one worldwide.

On this special occasion we are honoring one of those special gentlemen, a living legend, whom you may call a “tobacco artist” and who developed some of our best blends. Through him, we all have learned what it means to genuinely love cigars. We are referring to the one and only Benjamin “Benji” Menendez.

Born and raised in Cuba, he learned about tobacco by working alongside with his father in Havana when his family was the majority owner of Menendez, Garcia y Cia., which at the time was the largest cigar factory in Cuba – the H. Upmann factory.

In 1960, Benji left Cuba, and began a new journey abroad. In the 80’s he joined General Cigar where he became instrumental in taking this organization to a new level and has been credited with helping to grow iconic brands such as Macanudo and Partagas, among others.

Tonight, we celebrate Benji and his legacy by showcasing one of his most iconic and celebrated blends, the Partagas Master
Series, which was one of the Top 25 cigars by Cigar Aficionado in 2009. Now in an unique and elegant Salomon size, which has never been released before. This rectangular shaped humidor made with centennial mahogany wood contains 100 of these Salomon cigars.

Starting Bid: US $7,000

Lot 14: La Aurora 120 Anniversary Series Limited Edition Humidor
by La Aurora

As we proudly celebrate our 120th Anniversary, a year that puts all our history into perspective and inspires us to continue giving our best with each release; we wanted to launch a humidor that represented the elegance and solidity that accompany our trajectory and our tireless commitment to excellence. 120 years is celebrated in a big way, which is why our humidor has dimensions that exceed 20 inches in width and height.

This humidor is built with walnut wood with handles made of solid rose gold-colored metal. As an emblem, it has an amber lion at the top of more than 25 million years, which represents the legacy of the León Jimenes family. The interior is made with the finest cedar in solid wood and includes a digital hygrometer of the highest quality.

Enhancing our tradition, we made a selection of our 400 of our anniversary series cigars, recalling our greatest successes and incorporating our first ever: La Aurora 120 Anniversary in a unique format; an exclusive product for this humidor; La Aurora 100 Years, named Cigar of the Decade 2000- 2010; the 107th anniversary and 115th lines in a special and unique format.

Starting Bid: US $7,500

Lot 15: Don Arturo Fuente Limited Edition 2019 Blue Humidro
by Tabacalera A. Fuente

Don Arturo Gran Aniverxario is a very special cigar released in 2008. Handmade for the first time in 2001. This cigar was blended by Carlito in honor to his grandfather Don Arturo Fuente.

It’s a perfect balanced 100 cigars, full of flavor, aroma and rolled with Habano seed, Dominican sun-grown wrapper from Chateu de la Fuente.

Starting Bid: $15,000