Experience the allure of Dominican cigars at the 16th Annual Procigar Festival, hosted by PROCIGAR, the Association of Dominican Cigar Manufacturers.

Set against the breathtaking backdrop of Santiago, the Cigar Capital of the World, this week-long celebration welcomes over 1000 guests from 20 countries to indulge in the rich heritage and craftsmanship of Dominican cigars.

Beginning at the opulent Casa de Campo on February 18th, attendees can enjoy the Caribbean sun, horseback tours, and beachside relaxation. The festival continues with a catamaran adventure to Catalina Island, culminating in a sunset bonfire dinner hosted by the Grupo de Maestros of Tabacalera de García.

Highlighting the festival’s essence are exclusive tours of renowned cigar factories and tobacco fields in Santiago, featuring names like Quesada Cigars, La Aurora, General Cigar Dominicana, and more. Festival-goers will receive a curated gift bag upon arrival, setting the tone for an extravagant experience, including an exclusive welcome cocktail hosted by Procigar members.

Santiago becomes a hub for one-on-one interactions with industry icons during the Procigar Field Day, while seminars like “Cigar Wrapper Influence” offer insights into the world of cigars. The festival reaches its crescendo with spectacular events, including the Welcome Dinner Party, White Party at Santiago’s Monumento a los Héroes de la Restauración, and the Gala Dinner Party on February 24th at the Centro Español.

Beyond the festivities, Procigar dedicates efforts to philanthropy through a traditional auction. The festival also recognizes Procigar with The Luxury Network Award for their outstanding contributions to the luxury sector and the Dominican Republic Tobacco Industry.

Catering to cigar enthusiasts worldwide, the Procigar Festival promises a unique and unforgettable experience, blending education, entertainment, and the finest cigars from the Dominican Republic. It’s a journey into the heart of Cigar Country, celebrating passion, tradition, and excellence.

Image of Cover of 2024 Procigar Auction GuideThe 2024 Procigar Auction Guide

This year’s auction is hosted by Manuel Quesada and Michael Herklots. This auction, as part of Procigar’s Social Responsibility Program, will benefit the Voluntario Jesus con los Ninos, the Sociedad San Vincente de Paul and the charitable initiative “A Home for my Family”, amount other Non-Profit Organizations that are oriented to improve the quality of life of people in need.

Lot 1: Procigar Humidor
by Fabian Barrantes

This humidor is absolutely unique and individually manufactured by one of the most famous humidor designers in Europe – Mr. Marc André. The similarity of the name to our company is pure coincidence! Handmade from precious woods, and the personalized glass engraving for ProCigar, gives the humidor its uniqueness. Colour scheme is based on our flagship brand Carlos André Cast-Off.

Equipped with the latest electronic humidifier HYDROCASE, an electronically controlled cigar humidification system that meets the highest standards of functionality and aesthetics. It ensures precise humidification, thus enabling professional storage of your cigars. The HYDROCASE ventilates the air in the humidor at regular intervals, measuring humidity, allowing an automatic slider to open the evaporation holes and the device releases moisture into the air.

The humidor can store up to 250 cigars and comes with 50 cigars of our Carlos André Airborne and 50 cigars of Carlos André Cast Off. This humidor is absolutely high-tech and a real eye-catcher!


Starting Bid: US $2,700

Lot 2: Welcome Dinner Live Painting
by Feliberto Pichardo

This extraordinary 50¨ x 70¨ acrylic painting represents the heart of the cigar industry and the experienced lived during this year Welcome Dinner. Painted live last Wednesday night.

Starting Bid: US $1,300

Lot 3: The Montecristo Progicar ‘Mar Azul’ Mega Humidor
by Tabacalera de Garcia

The Montecristo “Mar Azul” Humidor for the 2024 Procigar Festival is an embodiment of aspiration and achievement. This striking ‘deep blue sea’ mega humidor has a lustrous piano finish, lined with a premium cedar lining.

Nestled inside are 100 cigars (50×6), each a small masterpiece representing the pinnacle of Dominican craftsmanship and excellence. Imagined with a unique blend, these proprietary cigars are blended by the Grupo De Maestros at Tabacalera De García, aged for over 6 years.

This humidor was created to honor the dreams and spirit of the Dominican Republic. Surrounded by oceans, the humidor pays tribute to the beautiful country and the support of the cigar industry and people that produce the iconic Montecristo brand. Only 1 special humidor has been produced!

Cigars: 100

Starting Bid: US $5,000

Lot 4: The Monolith Humidor
by Davidoff Cigars

Thinking beyond the practical and embracing the beauty.

Davidoff Cigars continues to set a high standard for unparalleled innovation and presents its first humidor made entirely of stone. The clean and stylish Monolith Humidor is made of Moca Creme limestone and offers a safe and odourless home for up to 120 cigars.

• Carved from one single piece of limestone
• Finished by hand with the utmost precision, made in Italy
• Equipped with two Davidoff de Luxe Regulators
• Handcrafted wooden features and dividers on the inside
• Dampers and specially created hinges for smooth opening and closing

To mark the special occasion of this exclusive global avant-première of the Monolith, Davidoff has filled the humidor with toro cigars from the soon-to-be launched Davidoff Maduro line.


Starting Bid: US $8,000

Lot 5: Since 1903; Tesoro Centenario
by La Aurora

This year, as part of our 120th anniversary, La Aurora is pleased to present a truly exceptional humidor that embodies the essence of our rich history and artisan dedication. It is a work of art that pays homage to our roots and the values that have guided us for over a century.

It is a unique humidor, designed with the same innovative spirit that saw our birth in 1903. It holds 120 cigars in Preferidos 1st format, a tribute to our beginnings, presented in an aluminum tube that evokes the first format that left our hands 120 years ago. Additionally, it will be accompanied by a cutter and a lighter with rose gold details, unique and exclusive elements created
especially for this occasion by the renowned brand Xikar.


Starting Bid: US $7,500

Lot 6: Mother of Dragons
by De Los Reyes Cigars

De Los Reyes cigars presents: ” Mother of Dragons” as the crown jewel of this Year of the Dragon.

This unique mahogany humidor (one of one) showcases 180 cigars expressing Don Julio’s celebration of the Year of the Dragon 2024.

It includes 180 cigars of the soon to be released Toro limited edition, 50 Lanceros and 40 Belicosos that will only be available in the celebration Humidors.


Starting Bid: US $7,500

Lot 7: Cigar Column Humidor
by Tobacalera Palma

We are thrilled to introduce our Mini Cigar Column, a unique, handmade humidor crafted in Paris, France, exclusively for the traditional auction at Procigar 2024.

Key Features:

• Handcrafted in Paris: Each piece is an artisanal masterpiece.
• Material: Smoked Eucalyptus exterior, Cedar interior.
• Capacity: Holds up to 120 cigars.
• Design: Trunk-inspired, with a palladium-finished base.
• Exclusive for Procigar: A collectible item for cigar aficionados.

This humidor combines traditional craftsmanship with elegant design, making it a highlight of the auction. We invite you to experience this exquisite piece at Procigar 2024.


Starting Bid: US $10,000

Lot 8: Casa Carrillo Humidor
in Casa Carrillo

Presenting the “Casa Carrillo” Humidor, a collaborative masterpiece with the esteemed “Hernández” manufacturer brand. This humidor stands as a striking and functional furniture piece, seamlessly marrying contemporary style with effective storage solutions for your prized cigars.

This master piece contains three limited editions: Pledge of Allegiance 2023: a very limited edition of 1,500 numbered boxes; Edición Única I: a limited production of cigars made with binder and filler tobaccos aged for at least 10 years and wrapper aged for five years and Encore Black: a limited edition produced under Encore Brand but with a dark wrapper naturally aged in bales for five years. It also contains an Astray Okoume crotch wood and crystal, a Cigar cutter with surgical stainless steel 304 blade and a Cigar case 100% grain leather.

With a sleek design and a luxurious piano finish, this cabinet infuses a touch of sophistication and elegance into any room of your home radiating an aura of timeless beauty. Crafted from high-quality materials (Mahogany, Crotch Okoume and Grain Leather) and an interior led lighting bears the hallmark of expert craftsmanship (Hernandez) and immerse yourself in the epitome of elegance as you experience the seamless blend of form and function in the Elegant Perez Carrillo Humidor.


Starting Bid: US $10,000

Lot 9: Fifty Years of Quesada Cigars
by Quesada Cigars

Celebrating 50 years in the premium cigar industry, Quesada has created a special cigar to celebrate this milestone and with it a one of two humidor.

The “Fifty years of Quesada Cigars” humidor features 110 cigars blended by Manuel Quesada to create the ultimate Quesada Experience. The Humidor contains 100 cigars Toro Prensado in a 6 x 56 format and 10 perfecto Cigars specially made to celebrate our 50th Anniversary.


Starting Bid: US $5,000

Lot 10: Casa Gomez
by La Flor Dominicana

In the short span of only 30 years the Gomez family has created history in the cigar world beyond their wildest dreams, winning the highest honors and revolutionizing the industry through innovative blends, shapes, and sizes as well as creating the world’s first cigar NFT.

This beautiful humidor crafted in the shape of a curing barn has been created to commemorate this history and look forward to the future. The humidor itself is hand painted by talented local artist Wilson Eusebio and contains a first ever release of our upcoming 30th Anniversary cigar as well as various special and highly limited releases from our history, many of which have been resting in our aging room for more than a decade.


Starting Bid: US $20,000

Lot 11: 4 Night VIP Get Away
by Villas Tres Amarras

Four night stay at exclusive Villa Tres Amarras for 10 people in 5 guest rooms facing the ocean. The Gourmet meal plan for breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner with open bar. Including massages and beauty treatments.


• Bonfire, ¨Boho Chick¨ Dinne, live show at the beach
• Movies under the star
• Karaoke night
• Casino Night
• Sea Fishing (7 people)
• Full access at our brand New Private Sport Center that includes: Tennis Court, Practice Wall Tennis Court, Pickleball Court, Shuffle Court, Private Jungle Gym and Open Bar

Starting Bid: US $11,000

Lot 12: Macanudo Humidor Poker Table
by General Cigar Dominicana, S.A.S

Poker is a worldwide-known game that all of us love. Sometimes is associated to wealth and opulence, but no one can deny the fun we feel searching for signs that reveal our friends’ hand while puffing our favorite cigar. Inspired by that relaxing ritual, General Cigar Dominicana combined both worlds, poker and cigars, to make the Macanudo Humidor Poker Table.

To manufacture this magnificent piece of art we re-used Spanish cedar pieces from an old Aging room that we re-built. All these lumber pieces carry more than 50 years of great blends resting in our factory to get to the perfect condition. Therefore, we are offering not only an astounding amusement spot but also a piece of our history and hearts. This is a reliquary where tradition and excellence fuse together to preserve our essence of cigar factory.

Inside the humidor you will find exclusive Macanudo branded chips and decks, as well as spaces to store wine or your preferred beverage. And, of course, the humidor is filled with 120 unique cigars special for this occasion. During the process we applied an Old-World aging technique using large palm bark-wrapped bales, called tercios, to create a cigar that is both contemporary and classic. This unique ageing process allows the leaves’ flavors and aromas to fully flourish and enhance the cigar’s overall flavor profile. An earthy and delicious Mexican San Andres wrapper and inside the Indonesian binder with fillers from the Dominican Republic and Colombia make the perfect combination of earth, cocoa and a delicious creamy finish that will delight your palate.


Starting Bid: US $10,000

Lot 13: Opusx Serie “Heaven and Earth” Big B Humidor
by Tabacalera A. Fuente

The cigar industry has grown greatly thanks to certain men and women whose leadership, passion and The OpusX Serie “Heaven and Earth” Big B humidors were produced as Limited Edition in 2023. They were all sold out last year. This is your opportunity to own a one-of-kind rare OpusX humidor produced by Prometheus in France. Handmade with the red sycamore veneer, the Humidor prominently features the OpusX logo with the special gold-plated “F” and “F” brass emblems on the top. “F” and “F” stand for Carlos and Carlito Fuente, Father and Son. This humidor will come with a very special collection of rare vintage Fuente cigars.

• Made by Prometheus in France
• Release Quantity: 100
• The humidor is serial-numbered and comes with Certificate of Authenticity
• Outside Veneer: Red Sycamore
• Inside Veneer: Okume
• Dimension: 21 inches Wide x 13.5 Long x 8 High (53 cm Wide x 34 L x 20 H)
• Storage Capacity: 300 cigars, Two Wooden Storage Trays
• Humidification Devices: Four Prometheus Optima humidifiers and one Prometheus Hygro 3 (three functions of digital hygrometer, thermometer and date/time)

CIGAS: 100

Starting Bid: US $20,000

Lot 14: Official Procigar Humidor
by Humidif & Robert Glick

This exquisite custom humidor, meticulously crafted by HumidifGroup, is a true masterpiece. The heart of this humidor lies in its original artwork. The design, inspired by the boxes received at the White Night, showcases the talent of renowned artist Robert Glick. Each stroke captures the essence of tobacco culture, making this humidor a true collector’s item. Its exteriors made of sycamore wood stained in blue with a high gloss finish is complimented by its graphic applications of wooden marquetry and gold metal stickers.

Inside, you’ll find twelve individual compartments, autographed by each Procigar member and holding ten exclusive cigars from each factory, making this piece unique and personalized, and creating a harmonious blend of craftsmanship and camaraderie. Its accompanying accessories include a Procigar Metal Ashtray and a Desktop Torch. HumidifGroup ensures the authenticity of each auctioned item by including an HGTag NFC sticker.


Starting Bid: US $6,000

Lot 15: Boveda 25th Anniversary Humidor
by Boveda

To commemorate its 25 years in business, Boveda worked with renowned, Paris-based luxury humidor maker, Elie Bleu to craft the Boveda 25th Anniversary Humidor. Its meticulous design seamlessly incorporates Boveda’s 2-way humidity control to effortlessly maintain the perfect aging environment
for your cigars.

The top of the burlwood humidor beautifully depicts Boveda’s 25-year journey, showcasing wooden marquetry, inlays featuring custom coins, and details that celebrate their support for the industries they serve. Be one of the fortunate few to own this limited edition humidor, as this is number 5 out of only 25 available.


Starting Bid: $10,000