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Procigar Festival Announces Dates for 2024 Event

Press Release: Procigar Festival announces dates for 2024 event. SANTIAGO, Dominican Republic, May 10th, 2023 - The Association of Dominican Cigar Manufactures, Procigar, expressed their gratitude to all members, sponsors, press and participants for the unconditional support received during the recently finalized Procigar Festival 2023, where more than 850 visitors from all over the globe had the opportunity to enjoy the best cigars in the world with the company of old and new friends and to create new memories with the members of the Procigar Association, who once again hosted this magnificent event by exhibiting their tobacco fields and the facilities where their cigars are produced for the enjoyment of all participants. “In this festival [...]

Dominican Republic Celebrates Their 5th Annual Procigar Festival.

Santiago, Dominican Republic — PROCIGAR, the Association of Dominican Cigar Manufacturers, celebrated their fifteenth annual Procigar Festival. The world-renowned cigar makers of Procigar announced their fifteenth annual Procigar Festival, where over 1000 guests from more than 20 countries were welcomed to Cigar Country, The Dominican Republic. This six-day destination event featured a variety of experiences that gathered suppliers, retailers, consumers, producers, and industry associates from all over the world to celebrate the pride and passion of Dominican Cigars. On Sunday, February 19th the festival started at the luxury destination, Casa de Campo, known as the best golf resort in the world, where attendees enjoyed the warm Caribbean sun, a [...]

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